Vancouver Fashion Week F/W 2022
I am super excited about these photos in my portfolio. When I came to Vancouver, I dreamed about being able to attend a fashion show and take pictures there. I tried to contact the management to get accreditation, but my letters have never been replied to.
I believe that if we really want something, we will find ways to achieve it. And sometimes it happens in a way that you don't expect. This Fashion Week was approaching, and I was contacted by a correspondent from VueZ™ Magazine. She wanted some photos of herself at the Fashion Week and photos from the show for publication. Can you believe it?
That was the best I could have dreamed of. I could shoot whatever I thought was needed and how I wanted. It was even better than working directly with the show organizers because I could just leave when I thought there were enough materials.
But of course, I stayed until the end (and I am happy about that because the last show was the best). And that's how I got my first fashion publication in a magazine.
Show for a brand
P.S.: You know who can help you with this!
Of course, if you have your show on the Fashion Week as a brand, you will have lots of photos from the show. However, it's also good to have your own photographer to take behind-the-scenes photos or even record everything on video, which can be good promotion for your collection.
Show for
If you are invited to the Fashion Week as a guest, you probably need your own photographer to be sure you have professional content for your social media, including street style and show photos. This will give you an opportunity to expand your brand and become more visible for collaborations with other brands.
A fashion show is a place with the biggest concentration of fashion influencers and creatives. It's a good event to get inspired or to share your own vision and showcase yourself. I will definitely come back to this atmosphere.