Simple Wonders Co. Branding
This part of the Simple Wanders Co. shoot was the most interesting! My goal was to capture photos for the launch right before Christmas and take neutral photos for posting afterwards.
I find pre-production to be the most creative part of the shoot because I need to visualize my ideas and discuss them with the owner before the actual shoot.
Photography cannot be adequately explained with words, and different people may have different interpretations. Therefore, I create a mood board to illustrate my vision, and after the discussion, I transform it into a storyboard.
As a result of this planning, I was able to capture around a hundred photos that can be used in content for a month or longer.
To achieve this, I needed to deeply understand the DNA of the brand and Janie's vision as an owner, and create photos that would reflect the brand's values and evoke the emotions that the product gives to the customer.
I plan all the details, including the location, composition, style, order, and props needed for each shot. This approach allows me to relax on set, follow the plan, and add creativity to achieve the best possible result.
Photos help your brand to shine.
I consider myself fortunate that Janie had a clear vision for the brand's style, colors, mood, and character, which was beautifully presented in a brand book.
However, in cases where the client doesn't have a clear vision, I begin by using a questionnaire to understand the brand from the ground up. This includes identifying the ideal client, their needs, and what the brand can offer them. From there, I find ways to represent these aspects through photography.
Branding enables you to establish direct associations with your brand. For instance, when you think of Tiffany, you likely recall their signature color, logo, and reputation as a high-end jewelry brand. Similarly, when you think of Walmart, you might associate it with affordable grocery shopping and a wide selection of products.
What people will remember about your brand is what you communicate to them through photos, service quality, and design elements.
So it's important to start with meaning first and then transform it into associations. Janie wanted to show that her candles are a great addition to a cozy and stylish minimalistic home and that they are made with love and natural ingredients.
This is why we showcase the candles frequently in interior settings, with lights, and with the owner because she is the face of the brand - her values are the brand values. And for each brand associations will be different.