Content for a fashion influencer
Influencer marketing is a new way to expand fashion brands. Bloggers have more trust from their audience than random advertising. And if you can find a blogger with the same style as your brand and a loyal audience, that's the key.
And I can be the one who helps influencers to create content that will be in the DNA of the brand.
Let me show you a few works with Karisma. We decided to use outdoor locations because they look more natural and lifestyle-oriented. In case the brand has a specific style and outdoor locations won't work, we can use a studio and create any kind of mood and style.
I will speak about advantages and disadvantages of the studio and outdoor photoshoots in the next 2 albums so make sure you check them.
Karisma Collins @karismacollins,
Vitaliy Shalukhin @vitaliyshalukhin