Tib's Cosmetics
I am so proud to have this brand in my portfolio. Tib's Cosmetics was my first commercial client. The client that we were working with for more than a year and my love to product photography started from this brand.
I had an opportunity to practice, make mistakes and learn photography basics by working with these products. And I am grateful to Andrea (the owner of Tib's Cosmetics) that she believed in me and supported me when I just started my photography journey.
My first works for this brand were done with natural light on a dinner table near a window.
That's how I learned the important elements of catalog photography and remembered all that I learned in art classes. When you open the next album, you will see that my skills have now reached another level. This is a part of my portfolio that I want you to see.
Then I tried a speedlight, bought a new camera and a professional light. I've tried different ideas and been looking for ways on how to share the important values of the brand through my work. I had almost no limits to my creativity, and I am grateful for this experience.
Did you find photos with a bit of plastic?
Using only natural materials was an important aspect for me. I made sure not to include any plastic in the shots, in order to emphasize the importance of the natural ingredients used in the production of these cosmetics. Although there may be a few photos where plastic is visible, the majority of the shots were made using natural props.
And because I had enough time to experiment with ideas for different holiday photos, I had the opportunity to play with light and textures. I can say that fall-style photos are my favorite, as I love working with sweaters, dried fruits, and leaves. You will definitely see these elements in my later works as well.
I can't say enough about this project because it was not just one photoshoot, there were several shoots every month and I just want you to see a small part of the work I've done.
During this time, I began developing an idea for creating a social media feed for every branding photoshoot by combining different photos together. This approach has become a significant part of my work.