Bebrace Jewelry Campaign
I love the photos we captured during the shoot, but I want to be honest with you. Only those who can admit their mistakes can learn from them. During the shoot, I made a mistake by attempting to jump higher than I was capable of at that moment.
The shoot lasted for 7 hours, and we captured hundreds of great photos featuring various pieces of jewelry. After selecting the best shots with the owner, Evgeniya, we ended up with over 200 photos. To achieve the results I envisioned, we needed to deeply retouch all of the photos. This would require several days of work, and possibly weeks if I were to do it alone.
Now I understand that the best option was to hire a retoucher to make the process faster. And now I have one in my team but back then the budget of the shoot didn't allow me this. I am incredibly grateful for this experience because it helped me realize my value as a professional and the importance of valuing my time.
To be recognized you need to be different.
Although we focused on a classic style for the catalog photos, we aimed to incorporate more vibrant brand colors such as green, magenta, and blue for the content photoshoot. My favourite part of the shoot was when we used colored lighting.
Through experimentation, I discovered that using colored lighting is a great addition to my style, and I am currently exploring this direction further.
You may have noticed that many major brands are returning to film photography. Although it's a new trend, some brands still prefer classical photos and don't use it.
Given the many retro trends that come back every season, why not enhance them with vintage editing or even film shots?
Both options have their place, but I can say for sure that my eyes are always drawn to retro-style photos on my feed, while I tend to ignore neutral photos on ads on the side of a page.
Photographer Ana Kliri
Brand Bebrace Jewelry 
MUA Diana @dakabrush
Hanady @hanady_chum, Yordana @torraba.13, Joshua @chartrandjosh