Simple Wonders Co. catalog
They will provide customers with the maximum amount of information possible about the product, including its quality, materials, appearance, shape, colors, and sometimes even size.
Customers make purchase decisions based on what they see, and if the product photos are pixelated and dark, they are less likely to even consider the product, regardless of how good it may actually be.
A catalog is a part of product photography and if you sell online it's really important to have professional photos on your website.
But catalog photos don't have to be only on a white seamless background. Depending on the brand colors and style I can help you to choose the ideal background and style for your catalog photos. You will see other options that I've done in my jewelry portfolio.
After all, imagine how disappointed you would be if you ordered a white glass candle for your interior, choose a small size, and receive a smaller metal one instead of glass. This level of inconsistency can be frustrating for customers, and may even harm your brand reputation.
And yes, if you sell a few different products you need photos for all of them, even if the only difference between them is in the color or packaging.