Retro style
for a campaign
I love the cinematic retro style for my photoshoots, firstly because retro is timeless. You can see a lot of different trends from the 90s and 2000s in new collections, as fashion is cyclical.
If you have retro motives in your collection, we have to use this style for the shoot. For each brand, I create a mood board based on the brand DNA, campaign ideas, and target audience. If your brand is ready for experimentation, it will help your target audience find you faster and become clients.
In the previous album I was talking about advantages and disadvantages of outdoor photoshoots. Let's discuss them for indoor photoshoots for a campaign.
Secondly, because such photos attract more attention than modern neutral photos. They are moodier and can be absolutely different (as in my examples classy or experimental).
But that's not ideal option as well.
Definitely the weather affects you less if you are shooting indoors (In studio). If you need sunny photos - they can be easily created by professional light. If you need soft "cloudy" light - the same.
You can do everything in one place, including hair and makeup, changing outfits, and shooting, without needing to carry all the equipment from one location to another.
Depending on the size of the team and the collection, we need to choose the studio. Some studios can accommodate up to 5 people. The bigger the studio, the more expensive it can be. It's also good to have multiple locations within the studio to shoot various content.
And when we work in the studio we are limited in time. But I prefer this option because I can shoot more predictable result and plan everything ahead so time limits won't be a problem.
One more aspect to consider is the limitation of interior studios. In Vancouver, there are many studios, but some of them may have similar styles. You may not find an existing studio in the specific style you are looking for.
However, with props and the right ideas, we can create the ideal set decorations for the campaign even in a completely white studio.
Shae Bournee @shaebournee
HMUA Diana @dakabrush
Model Amra Kalac
Natalie Blinova @blinova.digital