Clothing campaign outdoor
If the collection features natural pastel colors, it can be presented as a comfortable city capsule for everyday wear. If the collection is bright and colorful, it can be presented as an accent in an outfit and provide a contrast to the grey city.
As I mentioned in the previous page, outdoor locations allow us to capture more natural and lifestyle-oriented photos. Therefore, an outdoor campaign photoshoot can work well in showcasing the real-life usage of clothes.
And these are only 2 ideas how can the campaign be captured outdoors. There are so many different options and we can definitely find the best one for any brand.
But disadventages can be more significant.
Outdoor photoshoots have one huge advantage - space. We can have unlimited locations, which allows us to shoot large projects without paying for a studio. Additionally, we are not limited in time, except for when we need specific sun conditions.
Especially in Vancouver. Sometimes it's difficult to catch the Sun but if you need rainy and cloudy mood - that's easier (but not easier to save all outfits dry in this case).
And depending on the location, we may encounter difficulties such as too many people or trash on the streets, ads that don't fit the idea and style, or a background covered with clouds if you wanted to shoot in the mountains. However, during the summer, Vancouver is amazing for outdoor photoshoots, so it's time to start planning your campaign!
If we are planning an outdoor photoshoot, you should know that models will need a place to change and do their hair and makeup. Therefore, we need to make sure we have planned for this and have made arrangements to carry all outfits and necessary equipment. Additionally, we must keep in mind that the weather can be unpredictable.
Anastasia Gavrikova @anstsia.gv
Model @katezqwang