Catalog photoshoot
If you're selling your collection online, it's important to have not just a campaign photoshoot to present your items, but also a catalog photoshoot.
Catalog photoshoots are typically done on a simple background, often white, to emphasize the product's shape, colors, materials, and quality. But we can also choose a background that fits your brand for added customization.
I've worked extensively with beginner models for their test shots, so I can make even non-professional models look natural in photos. That's why we're not limited to only choosing models, and we can experiment with ones that best represent the brand.
Last but not least, the mood of the photoshoot should fit the brand and target audience. Some catalogs show happy, smiling people, while others are more serious and strict.
Every detail in photos can convey information about the brand, and it's important to remember that.
Katelyn Muir @katie.nmuir
Dikshant Joshi @dikshant10
Eloise Eliasen @eloiseeliasen
Baziga Michael @bazigamichael
Natalie Blinova @blinova.digital