Petite Bao content photoshoot
Food is not the only one moment that get's your customers to come back to you again and again. Yes, if the food is tasty you will get clients.
The content you create is the invitation for a new customer to visit you. Not every customer is yours but the right photos can find the ones that needs you and looking for a place like yours. So for me it's important to understand your values and find the way we can share them through photos.
The owner of Petite Bao wanted to show that it's a new cozy place with food from local farms and unique bao burgers. That's why I visited their kitchen, their fridges and catched moments with customers enjoying their dishes.
But if at the same time it's important for the customer to sit in a cozy and stylish place or to be able to choose from plant based options and you can't give it to the customer - he will choose another place. Your values, interior and vibe - are really important and have to be on your photos on social media and website.
When you can actually see people that are behind this business and feel all the atmosphere of the place you can actually imagine yourself visiting this place. That's how photos can help to built real connections between a restaurant and a client.
In a social media era customers choose with their eyes.
After that you will have tons of content to post and you won't worry that you need photos for advertising but you don't have the one shot you actually need.
It's not necessary to shoot everything in one day. For a content photoshoot it's good to have different shots with a lot of people in a restaurant and when nobody is there, when it's rainy and sunny, when it's day time and night. For this we can plan a few parts of a photoshoot and capture as many different scenarios as possible.