Content and branding photoshoot for an expert
We captured Kyle in different roles, such as a person, an expert, a team member, and an explorer. This variety of photos allows for flexibility in creating content around different topics and posts, and now Kyle can focus on working with his clients without having to worry about creating visuals.
But there are people around you who can help. Kyle wanted to show through photos that he understands this and can help with coaching.
If you plan to focus in your blog on the service you provide and topics around that you for sure don't want to spend hours on creating photos. Delegate and you will save time for what matters.
This project for Kyle was super unique because we needed to visualize male difficulties, support, and unity. Everyone can feel lonely, lose their path, and be insecure about something.
Don't pretend, just be.
Every time I work with usual people (not professional models) I hear the same - I don't know how to pose. And the key for natural photos is that you don't have to pose. I capture moments, and the most important part is to be yourself. Especially if these photos are going to be the way you communicate with your followers.
Kyle Hamer