Content photoshoot for a blog
A content photoshoot for a blogger requies to show all sides of his/her personality. With Liza we found all the ideas she wanted to reflect in her blog at that moment and organized 2-hour photoshoot in a studio.
Liza was sharing on Instagram her love for yoga and meditation, talking about remote work, giving tarot forecasts, and had a paid partnership with Lululemon. All of these became topics for the photos.
Ideally, it's best to use different locations because it can add more variety. But if shooting in a single location, it's good to capture as many different photos as possible and then add photos from other locations, or thematic flatlays and other images that reflect blog topics.
I always give an idea how to use photos in a feed so they will look good together but it's all up to you to continue creating and play with photos as you want.
I always plan my content depending on photos
I know that this type of photoshoot is popular in Europe because it allows you to easily focus on the information you are sharing in your blog and create a bundle of photo content in one shoot that you can use when you need it. Additionally, these photoshoots can give you ideas for other posts.
Maybe you can update your followers on how your yoga marathon is going, or give some advice on meditation. And because we've covered all the main topics and reflected them in the photo content plan, you won't forget about any side of your blog.
or phone?
You can browse other pages of my portfolio to see how diverse content photoshoots can be. Additionally, photos do not necessarily need to be taken with a professional camera. In fact, some lifestyle bloggers prefer using their phone cameras because these types of photos can look more relatable and less professional.
And that's where I can help you! While it's possible to create a blog using only self-portraits, it's often better to have someone else capture you, especially in the era of reels.
As you can see, I am a fan of professional cameras, and I find them more flexible for playing with light, quality, colors, and style. Professional photos catch the eyes among non-professional friends' pictures in your feed.
But it's important to find the perfect balance so that your photos attract attention without looking like an advertisement or stock photo. We are not perfect, and showcasing our differences is key to successful blogging.
Liza @liza.spirit