Content photoshoot for a marketing agency
Can you imagine that my service is the most popular among marketing agencies and marketers? Yes, marketing agencies understand the importance of visual presence on social media better than anyone else, and I am happy to see that my work helps them a lot.
On the other hand, it is even easier for me to work with marketers because they usually already know what they need, and I just find a way to implement it in real life.
Carissa wanted to showcase both her business side as well as her creativity, which is why we did part of the shoot indoors in a studio, and the other part outdoors, to show her lifestyle and hobbies.
About you
And the right photos can help your clients find you.
Marketing is not about presenting yourself as someone else or as the best version of a human. Nobody can be loved by everyone, but the most important thing is to find people who will like you and your product because you have something in common.
People don't buy a perfect product, they buy from people. And not from ideal people, but from someone they can relate to.
We are all people first, and then we are photographers, lawyers, creators, business owners, etc. That's why in every professional blog, the main part should be about you and just a bit about your product.
Building connections through social media helps us to get to know each other before a personal meeting. Then we can choose to work with someone because we feel trust.
You can actually feel Carissa's energy through photos, and that is the most valuable aspect of my work as a content photographer. I can capture your personality, and the rest is up to you.
Creative Mayhem Marketing @creativemmktg Carissa Yow