Content and branding photoshoot for a chess teacher
Despite the fact that the opinion that chess is boring has been eliminated thanks to "The Queen's Gambit" series, I haven't seen many examples of stylish chess photoshoot. Of course there are a lot that were copying Anya Taylor-Joy photoshoots, but for a content photoshoot we can use it as an inspiration only.
For Liza's social media, we needed to create an image of her as a teacher, a professional, a businesswoman, and a chess lover. She is passionate about chess, and it is a significant part of her personality and everyday life. Therefore, it was the main focus of the photoshoot.
I am so grateful to Liza. She inspired me to create a package that includes a full-day content photoshoot. If you have done photoshoots before, you know that it can take half a day to prepare everything, go to the location, and actually shoot.
So instead of having a few small photoshoots on different days, you can now focus on a content-packed day once a month and have tons of photos and videos to post.
Delegate and do what really matters to you
As a business owner or content creator, you know the importance of providing good customer service.
I find it necessary to take care of all the details myself because I know for sure what you might need during the photoshoot, what can help you feel comfortable, and what can bring out your personality. This approach saves you time, reduces stress before the shoot, and ensures a predictable result.
Liza Orlova @chesswithliza