Brading photoshoot for lawyer
We follow people, we buy from people, we use services created by people. I have said this before, but I will repeat it as many times as necessary. Personal branding helps to show why you are different, making it easier for someone to find you because they were looking for someone exactly like you.
Did you expect something super serious and formal? Of course, we have formal photos from this photoshoot, but times have changed, and generations have evolved. In the era of social media, lawyers with only formal headshots and no display of personality can no longer exist.
Czarina is a lawyer for creative businesses. I believe it's a missed opportunity not to show her creative side, as it is one more proof that she understands creatives and speaks with them in the same language.
And yes, I can find the best studio for you.
I love the last option because it's more comfortable, no one is looking at you, and you have enough space to create without having all the photos done in one corner. If you have only 2 hours and want a lot of high-quality content, this is the perfect choice for you.
For a branding photoshoot, it's good to use a location where you work from. This can be your office, home office, co-working space, or an interior studio that is in your brand colors and creates an impression of your workspace.
I am pretty sure you now have lots of ideas for your own content photoshoot, which is great! Share them with me, and I'll take care of organizing everything for you.
You now know a lot about how I work with personal brands and what's important to me. If you're still here, it means we share a vision for what makes great branding. I'd love to get to know you better too! Book a free consultation or reach out to me by email, and let's create something amazing together.
Czarina Pacaide @czarinapacaide