How will the work be organized?
Nice to see you! If you are looking at this page, then you need to take photos for your products and I am ready to help you with it

To make it easier for you, I described here 5 steps how I work and what you can expect from working with me
The first thing I will do after your application for a photo session is offering to make a personal call or a meeting with you to find out what kind of product it is, how you see it's photos, and what ideas you need to convey to potential buyers.
I will select examples of work so that we can make sure that I see the photo session correctly and whether you like the chosen style of photography.
We'll decide on how the photo session will go. Several options are possible:
- I take pictures in my studio.To do this, you give me the goods or send them by mail, if I am far away. But this is only possible with small items except clothes.
- I come to the agreed shooting location, where you will deliver the goods.
The next day after the photo session I will send you original photos to choose from.
In specified period I will send you the processed photos in good quality by a link to Google Drive.

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