Stelle Jewelry
This shoot was the first one I did after deciding to work with brands. I was captivated by the stunning pieces of jewelry created by Marjoly Stelle. She shared with me that her jewelry is designed for stylish, elegant, modern, and successful women.
But each of her clients is unique, that's why models in this campaign are so different and the one thing that makes them similar is their love of beautiful minimalistic jewelry.
My goal was not only to capture close-up shots of the jewelry pieces but also to convey the emotions and statements they evoke. When a woman looks at these photos she can find herself - she can be romantic, hardworking, relaxed at the moment, or dreaming about the future. Above all, she will feel happy wearing these pieces of art every day.
In this project I was able to use all my skills in organization of complex photoshoots and I am really proud of what we created with the team. And now I feel that I want to create more such works for brands because the values of this brand are similar to mine. I am a woman that creates and wants to support other women in their beginnings.
Good team leads to an amazing result.
If you want professional looking photos we can be simple and use only photos of the product with a few props. But when we add models in the shots, the marketing result can be even better. It's easier for customers to see products in use and make a decision, than trying to imagine how earrings will look in their ears. That's why I recommend working with a team.
But no worries, that's something I can help you with. You just need to let me know what you are looking for and my job is to make it real.
You can notice that all the models are in white in these photos. We wanted to leave the main focus on jewelry, that's right. But also the most stylish and luxurious color in fashion is white. It's perfect in its simplicity and matches with any other brand colors.
Colors, props, location, models, ideas - that's a lot to decide before the shoot. And it's way easier when somebody can help you with everything. You don't need to be thinking about these small details because it's my job to pick ideas, present them to you and adjust for your brand and goals.
MUA Diana @dakabrush
Ligia @hiiamligia, Jasmine @jkimjasmine, Natalie @blinova.digital
Brand Stelle Jewelry 
Photographer Ana Kliri